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Director of TBM Sales

Casey's journey into the TBM started with great debate over the right plane to buy for himself. In his position as a Cirrus CSIP and as a training center owner, Casey had access to plenty of wonderful planes to fly, but was ready to move up to a bigger plane with greater capability. After considering other turbine and even jet options, he landed on the TBM due to its versatility. Its six seats could fit the whole family, with plenty of payload remaining for their luggage, and its short-field landing capabilities allowed access to more airfields. Though Casey flew high performance fighters in his 20 year Air Force career, learning to fly the TBM did not require a type rating, making the transition even that much easier for Casey's piston-flying clients and friends, who all wanted access to the plane.

Three years later, Casey has nearly 1000 hours in the TBM and manages several of them. He is now also an insurance-approved TBM instructor for initial and recurrent in-aircraft training.

Casey brings his expertise of the TBM to Aerista. He helps clients who are looking to acquire one find the perfect TBM model for their specific needs. For owners/sellers, Casey brings a deep and nuanced understanding of the marketplace to bear to provide clients the best possible transaction experience.


TBM Travel Article by Casey Ratliff

October 2023


"Casey, I just want to drop a line thanking you for the sale of my Cirrus SR22T. You and the Aerista team did an amazing job walking me through the sales process and sold my plane very fast- I think it was listed for less than 2 weeks!

You also managed to quickly resolve a mechanical issue during the process.

I highly recommend you and your team to anyone selling or buying an aircraft. I look forward to working with you on the next purchase!"

William - Seller


"Thank you once again for all your help in purchasing my 2010 Cirrus SR22T. Your diligence in seeking to meet my expectations during the process was admirable. You walked me thru the process and made this transaction easy with your depth of knowledge and passion for Cirrus aircraft. The negotiation and the pre-buy experience was easy and handled in timely fashion. After all, how often do most us have a chance to deal with such an accomplished aviation professional! To anyone that may be considering purchasing a Cirrus airplane, allow me to provide my highest recommendation. Through this experience I not only found a valued mentor, but also feel like I made a new friend. JB Charlotte, NC N511TB"

Jim - Buyer


Casey Ratliff with Aerista delivered as promised. I was provided two good offers in a short time that resulted in a quick sale. All paperwork was executed electronically in professional manner. I was able to simply deliver the plane to Casey's staff and they coordinated the detailing, photos, pre-buy inspection, title work and delivery. Successful hassle free experience!

Larry - Seller


"I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase experience of the 2019 Cirrus SR22T G6. The professionalism exhibited by Casey Ratliff with Aerista throughout the process was outstanding. Every question I had was answered promptly, and the personalized touch of flying the plane to me for a test flight truly set this experience apart. The assistance in coordinating the delivery post-closing and facilitating Cirrus training further showcased the commitment to customer satisfaction. Overall, a seamless and exceptional buying journey-five stars without a doubt! I highly recommend both Casey Ratliff and Aerista for anyone in the market for a Cirrus aircraft.

Thank you,"

Alan - Seller


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