The Pilatus PC-12 is termed “The World’s Greatest Single” for many reasons. Maybe it’s the versatility, excellent safety record, low operating costs, amazing performance specs, or the Swiss engineering excellence. It’s hard to pinpoint because there are so many reasons why the PC-12 outshines many competitors in the turboprop market segment.

I have been in the Pilatus world for many years now. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to pilot, manage, and broker PC-12 airplanes. So, one could say I’m rather familiar with the airplane and enthusiastic would be an understatement. Gosh, when clients tell me my eyes light up when talking about the airplane is there something wrong with that? Lol, I don’t think so …I’m just a believer!

Pc12 Info Kristy Dark

Kristy Bolingbroke, Director of Pilatus Sales


Pc12 Info Icon Yoke
Kind of Operation


Pc12 Info Icon Seat
Max Passengers

10 + 1 Pilot

Pc12 Info Icon Weight
Max Payload

2,236 lb

Pc12 Info Icon Speed
Max Cruise Speed

290 KTAS

Pc12 Info Icon Range

1,803 nm

Pc12 Info Icon Airbourne
Max Altitude

30,000 ft

Cargo Door

Short & Rough Field Performance

BMW DesignWorks Interior


Pc12 Info Crafted Swiss Bg

Air Ambulance


Search & Rescue


Pc12 Info Icon Takeoff

Over 7 Million Flight Hours

Pc12 Info Icon Airbourne
Pratt & Whitney PT6

400,000,000 Hours in the Air

Why Pilatus?

High Residual Values
Low Operating Costs
Excellent Safety Record

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