My, how the PA-46 has come a long way – from the early 80’s Malibu to the state-of-the-art M Class with the first certified autoland system in GA. The PA-46 continues to satisfy an unrivaled niche of cabin-class comfort, performance, and being the only pressurized piston single currently in production – ongoing factory support and accessibility. However, I believe the PA-46’s value-proposition to be its strongest selling feature; no other aircraft with airstairs comes close!

I’ve grown quite fond of these planes, not just from my history of managing or selling them, but from flying my own family across the country. That is the same mentality I bring into each transaction - a personal commitment, responsibility, and enthusiasm. If you’re reading this page, I’d love to speak with you about making your aviation dreams a reality.

Piper Info Jesse

Jesse Adams, Director of PA-46 Sales

"Real-World" Performance




Mirage / M350 215 KTAS 950 nm 25,000 ft
Meridian / M500 265 KTAS 850 nm 28,000 ft
(30,000' ft RVSM)
M600 274 KTAS 1300 nm 28,000 ft
(30,000' ft RVSM)
JetPROP 255 KTAS 900 nm 27,000 ft
*Estimated "real-world" performance numbers, actual numbers may vary.


Wingspan: 43.16 ft
Height: 11.3 ft
Length: 29.7 ft

Pa46 Side View

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