TAS Aircraft Sales is now Aerista!

We have exciting news to share.  TAS Aircraft Sales is changing its name, unveiling an improved website and expanding its product line – all a concerted effort to best meet your needs.

Why change our name?

Shakespeare claimed “a rose with any other name would still…smell as sweet”. Well, we disagree and believe our name should reflect our core values and commitment to you to be the absolute best aircraft services company.

​Our former name (TAS Aircraft Sales) did not accomplish this. We believe our new name does:


Derived from “Aristo”​, the Greek word for “best”, Aerista is the aviation version of that word, proudly stating our promise to offer you the best aviation experience in the industry and accurately reflecting our core values of:

  • Working with integrity
  • Always putting the client’s priorities first
  • Fostering relationships, not transactions
  • Building reliable proprietary market data to most accurately determine pricing

At Aerista, we know what truly matters. We know that clients derive real benefit from accurate pricing based on real data, from reaching the most buyers via a vast network of incentivized selling agents, from focus and responsiveness, and from decades of experience ensuring solid transactions. This is what we offer at Aerista and it is what separates us from the rest.

We also understand that our clients deserve a well constructed website that is easy to navigate, full of relevant and important content, and with expanded client services. We are proud to have just completed such a website.

As always, we want to thank you for being our friends and clients. We are excited to venture forth into our next phase of growth and are excited to have you share it with us.

Steve & Chris