Summer 2018 Cirrus Newsletter

We hope you’re enjoying the 2018 flying season.  The first half of 2018 has brought record activity and excitement in the pre-owned Cirrus world: supply of aircraft for sale is down, certain segments of the market are particularly tight (generating good prices for sellers), and Vision Jet acquisition opportunities are opening up.

Piston Market Update – Seller’s Market 

With the continued strong economy and lengthy backlogs for new aircraft, the supply of pre-owned Cirrus airplanes for sale has dropped to a 5+ year low.  In some cases, the result of this tight supply is that we are able to sell our clients’ planes for more than they paid for them just a few years ago (no promises, or course)!  The chart below illustrates the relative supply of inventory in each individual market segment, with those on the right being more of a “seller’s market.”Of particular note is the SR22-G2 segment, which represents an enormous fraction of the entire Cirrus fleet.  From 2004-2006 Cirrus produced 1,500 SR22s, yet there are currently less than 20 airplanes for sale in the US market – just slightly over 1% of the fleet.  For G2 owners looking to sell, or upgrade to a G3/G5, now is your time to act!

Upgrade…to a Vision Jet?

The strong market for most pre-owned Cirrus SRs has spurred upgrade activity among our clients and prompted many to ask if an upgrade to a Vision Jet is possible.  The answer is an emphatic YES.  Though the wait list is long, both gently used demo planes and privately owned positions offer an opportunity to upgrade from your Cirrus SR to a Cirrus SF.  Many subtle variables influence the net cost to make the move – call us so we can help you assess your specific circumstances.

As always, we want to thank you for being our clients and friends.  We greatly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, so if there is anything we can help you with, or if you are interested in discussing the value of your Cirrus in today’s market, please don’t hesitate to call or write.