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N178FA - 2019 Cirrus SF50 G2 N178FA Jesse Adams
2019 Cirrus SF50 G2
S/N: 0096
Lakeland, FL
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This is the best value and price point G2 on the market – includes $70k of Jet Stream, thus making aircraft total time inconsequential. Preserve your capital with this smart buy!

N178FA is a stunning Generation 2 SF50 Vision Jet. Fully loaded with the Elite Package and CargoExtend, Executive Seating with Center Console and 7 seats. G2 improvements including Auto-Throttle, RVSM, FL310 Certification, Improved Electrical System with Intelligent Batteries, CirrusPerspective Touch+ flight deck, and more!

Fully paid up on all programs with Jet Stream Concierge through June 2024 and 1455 hours, giving worry free Airframe and Engine protection. Priority Type Training Slots are also available through your purchase with Aerista.

Call/text Jesse Adams directly to learn more about this stunning machine.


2019 Cirrus SF50-G2 Elite
Certified Flight into Known Icing (FIKI)
1,325 hours TTSN (Flight)
Basic Empty Weight = 3,543.40 lbs


Williams JF33-5A (1,846 lbs thrust)
Dual Channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)
1,325 hours TTSN (Flight)


CAPS Repack due November 2028

Engine, Ownership and Maintenance Program:
- Jetstream Concierge paid in full through June 23, 2024 or 1,455 hours

Annual Inspection Completed May 2022


Perspective Touch+ by Garmin
14" High Resolution Displays
3 Landscape Touchscreen Controllers
PFD/MFD Multi-Function Windows
All-Digital Audio Panel
Dual WAAS GPS/Comm/Nav Radios
Complete Aircraft Systems Synoptics
CMC - Enhanced Data Logging
Dual AHRS, ADC & Pitot Static
NextGen Transponder (ADS-B Out)
ADS-B In Weather and Traffic
Synthetic Vision Technology
FliteCharts & SafeTaxi
XM Weather & Audio
Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP)
3-Axis All-Digital Autopilot w/Blue Level Button

ELITE (Includes All):
+ Generation 2
FL310 and RVSM Capability
FlightStream 510
Interior Noise Reduction

+ Enhanced Awareness
Digital Real-Time Weather Radar
Enhanced Vision System
Surface Watch & ChartView

+ Pro Pilot
Traffic Avoidance System (TCAS-1)
TAWS-B Terrain & Obstacle Awareness
3rd AHRS, ADC & Digital Transponder
Co-Pilot Quick Donning Mask

+ Premium Luxury
Premium Leather & Carpet
Enhanced Dimmable Accent Lighting
Textured Fabrics
Multi-Tone Paints
Family Seating Option (Ads 6th and 7th XC Seats)

+ Productivity & Experience
Gold Reflective Windshield & Cabin Windows
Rear Climate Controls
22" LED LCD Entertainment Display
Power Outlets
115 VAC Inverter

+ Connectivity
Perspective Global Connect
Datalink Weather
Wi-Fi Ground Link


Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)
Flight Into Known Icing System (FIKI)
Improved Electrical System w/Intelligent Batteries
Air Conditioning w/Automatic Control
Trailing-Link Landing Gear
Modular Seating for Five
Auto-Deploy Passenger Oxygen
Pilot Quick-don Oxygen Mask
USB Power Ports
8000 ft. Pressurized Cabin
Stall Recognition Stick Shaker & Pusher
Cargo X-Tend in addition to 300 lb. Baggage Capacity
Cirrus Outdoor Cover
Cirrus Heavy Duty Chocks
Avionics Charging Unit
Lithium Ion Battery Tender Charging System

Custom Exterior (2022)
Premium Graphite Grey Wide Leather Seats (2019)
Center Convenience Console
Stone Interior Panel
Textured Fabrics
Modular Seating for Five
6th and 7th XC Seats
Interior Sunshades


Jesse Adams Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions 210-882-9658